слова песни Rage Against The Machine - New Millenium Homes

Hungry people dont stay hungry for long
They get hope from fire and smoke as the wheat grows strong

Tha spirit of Jackson
Now screams through tha ruins
Through factory chainsAnd tha ghost of tha union
Forgotten remains
Disappear to their new homes
Tha knife tha thrust
Tha life burns to the raw bone
Tha blood on the floor of the tear is still dryin
Cover the spread sheets
Tha Dow Jones skyin
Cell block live stock
Tha bodies their buyin
Old south order
New northern horizon

Violence in all hands
Embrace it if need be
Livin been warfare
I press it to CD

A fire in the masters house is set

Check tha high tech terror
Yes tha new order athletes
Peer into tha eyes of tha child already on trial
Armies rippin families apart
Get em on file
Convictions fit tha stock profile
All tha while films of dogs
Cutting through homes
Ripping skin from bones
Yes tha new millennium homes
Privatizing through private eyes
An era rising

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