слова песни Necromantia - Necronomicon, Sofomon's Key, Eibon's Book And De Vermis Mysteries

ve talked to the dead
And the creatures of the Night
On magical dates
When the thesis of the planets was right
We gather in the woods
For the great Sabbath
Witches chant, blaphemous spells of wrath
Demons and werewolves, dance by the fires of sin
The woods echo with the virgin's scream
I make love with Babylon's whore
As Satan watches pleased from his throne of gore
I'm the priest of the great Tiamat
And my sins are countless, crimes of lust

The true shape of the Dragon was revealed to me
She granted my soul with immortality
Voice of weakness tells me, "you were wrong"
A King of darkness, facing his dawn
Eternal damnation, threatens my soul
As death drawing near on my powers I call

Time has decayed my body
But my will remains the same
So I'll scream the ultimate spell
And power flows again in my empty shell

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