слова песни Hades - The Leaders?

(Music - Lorenzo, Lepage)(Lyrics - Tecchio, Lorenzo)
Death has come to here
We're burning badly
Filth up to my ears
We're screaming mad
And I would like to know exactly
Just what you have planned for us to do
You claim to be the leaders
Well who the hell on Earth is leading you?
You sent us to fight
While we were waiting
What did you do for
The situation?
Dictating our beliefs
Erasing your deceit
Scapegoat nations to fall
(Mechanized) Armies wait at your call
solo - Dan
Madness threatens your soul
Control on the decline
Slipping from you crazed hold
(Genocide) Forces weak, passion bold
solo - Scott
You were blind before
Now it's our turn to
See the light no more

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