слова песни Dave - Two Birds No Stones

I can kill two birds with no stones
Just let life do it
Success is in a stone's throw
The scene's a fucking mosh pit
I'm sitting in my own row, men are just clones though
Copying a trend until it dies and then you go broke
The domino effect when you ain't focused on your own dough
And I ain't focused either
People wanna eat but can't show me where the peas are
Don't try it it's a no, no
Don't bother it's a no bro
Your future looking copper, mine is 20 karat rose gold
It's funny how I met faith with no hope
Music ain't slow mo'
Days I saw no growth
But Christian doing promo
Hail, sleet, cold snow and people wouldn't know though
When everything was blessed
Before we went solo
We had mandem on the Camden like KOKO
Dead tellin' lies, I got pride like SoHo
I'm a tour guide on a cruise ship I'm trying to show boat
It's actually true
Because when you count the ground work, am I actually new?
You like supporting your people until someone gets successful
Because you want someone to blow until they actually do
And then they're pop stars
My ends still hot I slip not, I'm a rock star
I'm on this road alone
My bro's in the trap he's got stinky fingers rolling stones
And on the other line we've got Jack, Ben and...
From Canada to London
Lawyers and gunmen
Being by yourself can make the best of things redundant
I feel everything and nothing man I'm empty
I'm really on the edge so don't tempt me to pick up something lengthy
Don't ever say I've changed
I'm on the bus and train with my headphones every day
You people don't rate
The nerve to send shade
Like I never sent a message to your brother use your brain
Put down your blade
Like I never took the train to Essex in the rain
For a session on my Js, with my girl or my mates
Like I never fucking worked for this
When drill was the wave I made a lane and then I nurtured it
And now you wanna talk like I never fucking deserved this shit
Like it all came quick to me
Like I never wrote "Picture Me"
Half the people dissing me ain't ever done a thing for me
You must be raised differently
Disrespect I didn't see I'll hate you 'til I'm dead
I'm triple Super Saiyan when I flex
On my pagans and my ex
They question if I'm staying just for sex
But I wonder what was playing in your head
When you was laying in my bed
I'm just saying no offense
I'm super cool, don't be shy love
Using me to dig for gold
It's ironic because your intentions are minor
I don't care, I'm lonely and I'm fired up
A twenty person guest list and some vodka on my rider
It's weird when you level with a person and they treat you like you're higher
Or treat you like you're different
She said my music's like silk, it's inspired her
I'm more like apples, I'm inside her
I'm lonely and nothing more
Eight great minutes and then I'll bust like Dumbledore
I love you for this moment
She thinks I'm gonna dash her and let her link me like underscores
Ungrateful breed these girls always want something more
Please don't annoy me
I may have called you princess, I ain't treating you like royalty
It's been less than three days why you asking for my loyalty
Just look at what we went and done
I could have been anyone
This is something that I've never done
You say that lying to everyone from 17 to 21
You went from a ninety day rule and a checklist
To screaming in a pillow with some talking and a neck kiss
You telling me that every person you connect with
Can whisper in your ear and then just get inside your best bits
This game is so confusing I don't know what I want from this
A virgin before music, girls came with my accomplishments
And now I don't believe their praise and all their compliments
I take my insecurities and hide them all in confidence
I tell you this in confidence
I'm young and I'm free
But do you know how much it hurts me that they don't love me for me?
It's crowded in our scene
And people they just want what's hot
That's why I'm trying to sell, see? It's a hundred degrees

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