слова песни Ancient Rites - Garden Of Delights (Eva)

"Women are oppressed by all relegions of Light.
No Female Priests can be found in Christianity,
Moslem fundamentaliss demand Women's Hair to be covered.
Eva (=Women) as the Eternal Scapegoat,
We embrace Her for having bitten the Apple.
Who Need's god's Paradise?"

Open the Portals to Darkness
So that the Fire of Hell
will Prevail
Embrace the Wicked Beauty
of the Darkest instincts
Turn into a tender Godess
And the ultimate Queen of Pain
Follow me on my Left Hand Path
And discover my Infernal Reign
I will accompany you on
your Abyssic Journeys
You will find the Pleasure
.... Beyond the Pain
Be my Innocent Graceful Virgin
By my lusty Gorgeous Whore

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