слова песни Alastis - Antidote

Seeing that you can't expect more from life
Seeing that anger governs your acts
Seeing that you can't accept the common rules
Seeing that I'm your only chance to survive

No need for a god or prayers
No need for a head or rules
No need for limits for your wishes
No need for morals for the stories

Seeing that no one shall believe in you
Seeing that no one shall listen
Seeing that betrayed by illusions
Seeing that I'm your cure facing death

For your fears
For your faith
For your life and for your death
For your life-sickness and for your doubt
For your god and prayers
For your head and rules, for your wishes
For your power, for your life
I am the antidote

I know you're looking for convictions
I know the questions that restrain you...
But do you feel able to deny
Remorse, shame, taboo?

You deny Church but worship Satan
You favour evil but you're afraid
So begin to understand
I'm the antidote
And you have to accept me as the antidote

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